Fernanda Viegas

Fernanda Viegas

PositionSenior AI Researcher, Co-Lead Google's PAIR (People+AI Research) Initiative

Fernanda is a senior researcher at Google, where she co-leads the PAIR (People + AI Research) initiative. Her work in machine learning, with long-time collaborator Martin Wattenberg, focuses on improving human/AI interaction with a broader agenda of democratizing AI technology. She is interested in weaving societal expectations and values into the design and evaluation of AI systems. Fernanda is also a data visualization expert, known for her contributions to social and collaborative visualization. The systems her team has created are used daily by millions of people. Her passion for making complex data understandable to lay viewers has led her to visualize wind currents, study collaboration patterns in Wikipedia, and create dynamic maps of news around the world. Fernanda’s visualization-based artwork with Martin has been exhibited worldwide, and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She holds a PhD from the MIT Media Lab.

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